And the REPRESENT. 3-Minute Video Contest Winner Is…

We are delighted to announce the REPRESENT. 3-Minute Video Contest winner, Kathleen Clark from Ottawa, Ontario! Kathleen’s prize package included a trip to Toronto for the REPRESENT. at Ryerson Media Forum, an iPad and a $100 Metro gift certificate.

The Winning Entry:

Comments from our Media Panel:

Jarrah Hodge – Founder and Editor of Gender Focus: “I loved this video. Major strengths were the use of a creative visual concept to represent the rhythm and messages of the poem narration, as well as the clear communication of the message about all the messed-up ideals we get from magazines.

Margo Goodhand – Syndicated Columnist (Troy Media), Writer/Researcher of Women’s Shelter History in Canada, Former Editor of the Winnipeg Free Press: “Kathleen Clark’s video made me cry. Even on second viewing — when she opens her palms and reveals the dark side of media misrepresentation. Her voice is so young. Work like this gives me hope for the ‘next gen’ of feminists.”

Jim Mackey – Senior Creative Director, m5 Marketing Communications: “Loved everything about this video. Creative, imaginative, grabs your attention & keeps it throughout. Message is well- delivered.”

Erica Johnson – Host of Marketplace, CBC Television: “Great production, witty use of language/style. What I particularly loved about this piece was her use of humour – such a great way to make a serious point.”

About our winner

Kathleen Photo

Kathleen Clark photographs life around her, sings in an all-girl experimental folk-hop band and sometimes writes poetry. Two years as a magazine merchandiser—a soul-bruising, dirty, dirty job—inspired the poem, “Magazine: a (not) love letter,” and her subsequent REPRESENT. Video Contest entry.

In February 2012, Kathleen won an International Research and Development Centre-sponsored contest for a profile she wrote. She graduated from Carleton University’s journalism program in June 2012 (will freelance for food) and is currently navigating the ethics of photography as she travels throughout Canada and beyond.



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