Show some love for the greatest women you know! | A ‘Real Beauty’ Remix

Here’s a chance to show some love for the women in your life, inspired in part, by Dove’s new campaign, “Real Beauty Sketches,” which is aimed at showing women they are more beautiful than they think.

The REPRESENT. project is all about promoting diverse, realistic, and complex media portrayals of women. And while many have been moved by Dove’s campaign, the very thoughtful critiques that have been levied against it suggest an alternative is in order. We would like to propose one.

*Spoiler Alert!*

The women featured in “Real Beauty Sketches” are asked to describe their physical appearance to a forensic sketch artist who draws two pictures of each participant: one based on each woman’s own description of herself, and another, based on a description given by a relative stranger. In the end, all participants are more disparaging in their descriptions of themselves than the individuals who describe them.

Critics of the video denounce its reliance on conventional beauty standards as a measure of a woman’s worth. The more favourable rendering of each woman’s portrait generally features a thinner, softer face. There are also very few women of colour in the video—none who speak at length—no women with visible disabilities, and little variety in terms of body size.

In response to Dove’s video, we want to offer you the opportunity to celebrate the diverse, creative, and complex women you know—women you would like to see better represented in mainstream media. We believe that real beauty is reflected in so much more than physical characteristics.

So this week, we’ll be posting photos of inspiring women whose beauty is more than skin deep. We have already received some incredible entries and we’re looking for your nominations!

To send a shout-out to a woman you admire—a woman you’d like to see more of in mainstream media—send us a photo of her and a sentence or two explaining why you’d like to see more women like her in the media. We’ll share your nomination here on the REPRESENT. blog. And if your nominee is on Twitter, you can send us her handle, and we’ll make sure she receives a special social media shout out!

Email your nomination to or tweet it to @RepresentMEdia. We’ll be accepting nominations until Friday, May 3.

Check out the nominations we’ve received so far!

Share your thoughts on Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches Campaign” with Media Action.


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