“The girls we know don’t look like the girls on TV. They’re too diverse, creative, and complex to look like what we’ve seen in mainstream media. We think the media are missing out.”

Media Action‘s REPRESENT. project is a national, multi-platform forum bringing Canadians and media-makers together to improve media representations of women.

Here are a few ways you can REPRESENT:

1) Submit an entry to the REPRESENT. Video Project.
2) Download the REPRESENT. Action Kit and spark media literacy discussions in your community.
3) Contact the REPRESENT. team about organizing a REPRESENT. media forum in your community (rosella@media-action-media.com)



While REPRESENT. was designed to deal specifically with media representations of women-identified individuals, we acknowledge that those with trans* and gender non-conforming identities have and continue to be marginalized and misrepresented in the media. We encourage everyone in Canada to participate in REPRESENT. by submitting an entry to our REPRESENT. Video Project or organizing a REPRESENT. community action event. As the REPRESENT. model develops, we will continue to expand our outreach to new partners and communities in efforts to broaden the scope and inclusiveness of our project work.

If you are interested in collaborating with REPRESENT. or becoming a Project Partner or Sponsor, please contact rosella@media-action-media.com or download our Sponsorship Package.

Please consider supporting Media Action through a donation to our Indiegogo campaign! We will be using the funds to launch our new REPRESENT. schools program, which will bring media literacy education to primary and secondary students across Ottawa!


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